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We are often asked a variation of the question, "Does Forensic Solutions offer university credits or continuing education credits (CEUs) for its courses?"

At Forensic Solutions, our goal is to augment university and professional training programs in Forensic Science and related fields. As such, we are not trying to create a full university curriculum or compete with university courses. In our curriculum, you will find that we offer courses taught by the top experts in the field, that generally cannot be found in traditional Forensic Science programs or elsewhere.

Our primary concern is to deliver high quality information to students and professionals, at an affordable price. However, we realize that it would be beneficial to many of our students to earn university credits or CEU's for our courses.

Many of our students have successfully received college credit or CEUs for our courses as a rsult of their own initiative. If you would like to receive university credit or continuing education credit for a Forensic Solutions course, you are welcome to print out a copy of our course curriculum and the syllabus for the course and show it to the Dean of the college that houses your department or the state agency that approves the type of CEU you are interested in. If your Dean or other authority is interested, please have them contact our Director of Forensic Services. We are happy to provide supporting documentation for this process whenever possible. 

Examples of the above include a student who completed CP580, Understanding & Investigating Internet Crime, and applied for continuing legal education (CLE) credits through the Florida Bar. He was awarded 21 hours in CLE credit for CP580!

Again, we have also had many students individually arrange for independent study and other credits with their university at both the undergraduate and graduate level for Forensic Solutions courses.

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