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Careers in the Forensic Sciences FAQ
This is a guide to a variety of free resources that will help you to learn more about a Career in the Forensic Sciences.

Computer & Internet
Crime FAQ
Learn more about tracking criminals on the Internet, collecting digital evidence, and protecting your privacy on the Internet.

Criminal Profiling as
a Career FAQ

Do you have questions about Criminal Profiling or Forensic Psychology? What you learn may surprise you.

General Information FAQ
Learn more about Knowledge Solutions and this website

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& Campus Pages



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If you have a question, comment, suggestion or update about courses you have completed or anything pertaining to the KS Campus, please use the following support form for the fastest response.

New Student Referral Program

The New Student Referral Program was formed as a thank you to our online students for referring new students to our courses. We invite you to participate in this program - to earn course credits, just ask those you refer to mention your name when they register.

Repeat a Course

If you are interested in repeating a course that you've already taken, please send your request via our Support Form. If approved, a course may be repeated once for a $25 administrative fee, if begun within one year from the start date of the original course. The repeated course must also contain similar content and fee structure to the original course. Approval is at the discretion of the Director of Forensic Services and the instructor of the course. Once you are approved, click here to register at the repeat rate.

Course Evaluations

Course feedback is very important to us, as it is your opportunity to tell us about your experience with our online courses. We value your feedback and we read each evaluation carefully to look for ways that we can improve our courses. We would greatly appreciate it if you would take a few moments to fill out our evaluation form for each course you've taken (if you haven't already).

Student Announcements List

As a student of Knowledge Solutions, upon registration we placed you on our Student Announcements email list to be notified periodically regarding new course dates and relevant events at Knowledge Solutions. The list has a web-based community interface, and we invite you to visit to change your subscription options, read prior announcements, add a bookmark to the list of Alumni websites, etc.

We hope that you choose to remain on the list so that we may keep in touch with you. However, if at any time you want to be removed from the Students list, unsubscribe instructions will be included in every email. You can also unsubscribe yourself by visiting the list, or email us at to request that we manually unsubscribe you. Please be sure to specify which email you'd like unsubscribed and your name as you were last registered for a KS course.



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