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Comments from Students

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Ray Williams LEO, PedoWatch Advisor

Serving as a Law Enforcement officer, an advisor for the PedoWatch organization, and as a investigator for several other volunteer organizations working to halt sex predation crimes over the internet, I have had the unique privilege of participating in a number of online courses at the Knowledge Solutions website.

Having attended a myriad of training seminars over the past 4 years, I have yet to encounter one program that offers as many positive and educational benefits as those contained online with the Knowledge Solutions web-based learning institution. The information provided is both up-to-date and practical. Utilizing real life case studies, active hands on online investigative insights into criminal behavior, and instructive legal-civil imports, make these courses unique.

As most criminal and civil investigators are aware, time and resources are a luxury! Inso, an important aspect of these courses is the ability to participate with other investigators and share a variety of educational insights and experiences, along with quick access to effective online resources. Also, allowing a comfortable pace to study the provided literature and assignments, post questions and exchange ideas in an open forum with other classmates, and do so from your laptop while traveling or at anytime of the day that is most convenient. In my opinion this places Knowledge Solutions as a leader in online training and education.



Lynn Coceani
Medicolegal Secretary, Student of Criminology

I have now completed three courses with Knowledge Solutions, CP501 Criminal Profiling, FS101 Fundamental Concepts in Forensic Science, and CP202 Criminal Profiling & Psychopathy, and intend to sign up for CP505 Serial Homicide Investigation. As a student studying criminology and forensics in Melbourne, Australia, I cannot speak highly enough of these online courses being offered by Knowledge Solutions. The class participation is fantastic and the comments offered by the course directors are extremely helpful. I have also found these courses to be totally invaluable during my University courses and draw a lot of my information for my essays, etc. from the material contained in the online courses, and from Brent Turvey's fantastic book. I would highly recommend anyone who is even remotely interested in this field to participate in one of the courses and I can guarantee you will return to enroll again. I have also had to the extreme pleasure of being able to attend Brent Turvey's Behavioural Evidence Analysis Workshop at Bond University on the Gold Coast, which was held in early February 2001, and this has just topped off my opinion of Knowledge Solutions and their wonderfully experienced course directors, especially Brent Turvey. Thanks for all your help.



Blake Edwards - CFCE
Digital Evidence, Inc.

The digital evidence training courses at Knowledge Solutions provide excellent instruction for those just entering the field of high-tech crime investigation, or those who are already skilled investigators. Knowledge Solutions has put together an effective and efficient method to help students get the most from their training experience. I have completed three of the digital evidence courses offered and would highly recommend them to anyone wanting to expand their knowledge in computer investigations.

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