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Please read the entire course description page and Student FAQ before registering

Course Length:
4 weeks

Registration Fee:
$125.00 U.S.



























































Course Description

Criminal Profiling & Psychopathy, II

Note: Brent E. Turvey, MS is a full partner of Forensic Solutions LLC.
He can be reached for comment or consultation by contacting:
Forensic Solutions; 329 Harbor Dr., Suite 211, Sitka, AK 99835; 
Phone (907) 747-5121; Email:

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Purposes and Objectives
Lesson Plan
Is this course for me?
Course Schedule
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 Purposes and Objectives:

Forensic Solutions is pleased to be offering CP203: Criminal Profiling & Psychopathy, II. This course is a continuation of CP202: Criminal Profiling & Psychopathy. Concepts from CP202 are built upon and explored in offense specific contexts through the lens of criminal profiling. Course material will focus on the illustration of psychopathic behavior through case example. Students will learn to better recognize that behavior from elements found in the crime scene.

The objective of CP203 is to give students an advanced awareness level of the core tenets of criminal profiling as they relate specifically to the subject of psychopathic behavior. CP203 will also serve the secondary objective of assisting students who wish to further learn and use criminal profiling techniques in their current or developing careers, by informing them to the point where they can make decisions on how to pursue more advanced levels of education to fulfill these goals. Professionals as well will become attenuated to the relevance and potential saliency of applying profiling techniques in their own particular fields.

For a full syllabus, please refer here: CP203.

Lesson Plan:

The course consists of a weekly online lesson plan in the form of an HTML (web) page, with assigned reading, and assigned questions. In addition, the instructor is always available by email.

For a full syllabus, please link to the syllabus.

The weekly lessons plans will follow the syllabus in structure, but will include lecture materials, reading assignments, discussion topics for the web-based discussion forum, etc.


  1. We recommend that students have completed and earned a passing grade in CP202: Criminal Profiling & Psychopathy before participating in CP203.
  1. The following software and skills are required for successful completion of this course:
  • A familiarity with computers and their operation.
  • An understanding of the Internet and how to access its resources.
  • Competency with and access to Netscape Navigator, Internet Explorer or another forms capable browser, with the ability to view both text and images.
  • A valid email address and familiarity with sending and receiving email.
  1. For those students who would like a certificate of completion for the course, an open-book, online final exam will be administered in which the student must demonstrate knowledge of particular tenets of criminal profiling as they relate to psychopathy in application.

    Certificates of completion are given to those who have taken the final exam and passed. Certificates are prepared and mailed quarterly.


Brent E. Turvey, MS

To learn more about Brent, please click on his name to be taken to the Instructors page.

If you would like to know more about the instructor's views on profiling, please see the following:


Order Now !

The required text for this course is:
Antisocial Behavior:
Personality Disorders from Hostility to Homicide

By Benjamin B. Wolman

This book can be easily purchased from our online Forensic Science Bookstore. Just click on the book link above. For more books on this topic, visit the Psychopathy & Paraphilia bookshelf.

Is this course for me?

Please be sure to read the syllabus, to see what topics will be covered.

This course is open to those in law enforcement, the behavioral sciences, or the general public. However, we do request that registrants have a basic understanding of psychology and have at least taken an introductory psychology or sociology course at some point during high school or college, or have the equivalent in experience.

You'll get more out of the course if you have some context. If you have any questions, please contact us.

People who will directly benefit from this course are:

  • Students of Criminal Justice, Psychology, Sociology, Forensic Science, and many others of varying levels
  • University professors who teach Criminal Justice and/ or Forensic Science
  • Law enforcement - police officers, crime scene techs, sex crimes and homicide detectives, investigators, and others
  • Private Investigators
  • Psychologists and Psychiatrists from varying specialties
  • Attorneys

Course Schedule:

Starting Date:

March 16, 2005

Ending Date:

April 16, 2005

Please note the Saturday start date for this 4-week course.

Maximum course size: 50 students
Time Commitment: 3 + hours / week

Please note: Due to the nature of our online courses, course materials and the discussion forum are available 24 hours a day and can be accessed according to the student's individual schedule. Thus, the time commitment can only be an estimate on our part and will vary from student to student.


Total registration fee per student is $125.00 US. This does not include the price of the textbook.


To register, please click here: CP203  

A $20.00 late fee may apply to registrations received after the course has begun.

For more information about how a Forensic Solutions course works, please consult the FAQ. Or, contact us.

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