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Registration Help

For administrative information regarding our courses, please contact us via our request form.

These instructions use the course '202' as an example:


Please go to the Course Catalog:

Choose the course CP202 by clicking on CP202 "Course Description."

Click "Register" in the top left-hand corner of the resulting course description page. You will be taken to the registration shopping cart.

Read the entire page then choose "Add to Basket." Then choose the "Checkout" button in the top right-hand corner.

The shopping cart will total and should list one "CP202". You will need to input your contact information.

When you're done inputting your contact info click "Continue." Your information will be summarized on a new page. Please be sure that all information is summarized correctly, including which course you are enrolling in and the correct amount.

Choose your payment type from the drop-down menu. Answer the questions, including choosing a course password. Click "Continue." Input your credit card or check or money order details. Click "Continue." If paying by credit card, your credit card number will be processed immediately and you will either proceed to the final screen if it has been approved, or you will receive an onscreen message stating that it has been denied. If paying by check or money order, you will proceed to the final screen.

When you are done, please be sure to visit:

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