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Criminal Profiling Coursework
Forensic Solutions offers a progressive series of online courses designed to help students and professionals understand the principles of evidence based criminal profiling and how to apply them. These are not courses in statistical analysis but case analysis. The methods taught are practical, and the lessons are universal.

Criminal profiling is based on investigative, forensic and psychological principles that can be taught, learned, and applied so long as students and practitioners have a high degree of motivation, a tireless work ethic, and a willingness to put the objective investigation of fact before all else. 

The recommended course of study through Forensic Solutions includes:

- CP501: Criminal Profiling

- CP515: Sexual Assault Investigation

- CP550: Advanced Criminal Profiling

- CP551: Applied Criminal Profiling I

- CP552: Applied Criminal Profiling II

- CP553: Applied Criminal Profiling III

Note that CP501 is a pre-requisite for CP550; CP550 is a pre-requisite for CP551-553.

Review the syllabi and register for any of these courses with Forensic Solutions here: REGISTER.

Email us with questions here: Brent E. Turvey, MS

ABP Members
The Academy of Behavioral Profiling is an independent professional association dedicated to the application of evidence based criminal profiling techniques within investigative and legal venues. Forensic Solutions offers a discount to ABP members, as well as providing for a mechanism for student and non-case working members to advance in membership status.

Advancement to Full Member status in the Academy of Behavioral Profiling requires the following for each section:

1. Member satisfies the requirements for Provisional status in you section (Investigative, Forensic, Criminology, or Behavioral).

2. member has submitted two written profiles (sanitized) for peer review to the Academy, which meet ABP Guidelines for Written Profiles and Crime Analyses.

CP550-553 require that students complete a full criminal profile which meet ABP Guidelines for Written Profiles. They will also be taught using the ABP's soon to completed Behavioral Evidence Manual. While open to the general public, there is a significant discount for ABP members.

More to the point, any of the profiles written by students for these courses may be submitted to the ABP for peer review and advancement in membership.

Again, Forensic Solutions offers discounted rates to ABP members for several of our criminal profiling subjects. 

If you are not already a member of the ABP, but are interested in joining, please visit:

Register for any of these courses with Forensic Solutions here: REGISTER.

Email us with questions here: Brent E. Turvey, MS

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