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Career Guide to
Criminal Profiling

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To more completely answer your questions about criminal profiling as a career, we have prepared a Career Guide to Criminal Profiling. This guide can be purchased as an online access subscription for one year, as a CD-ROM, or both.

The purpose of this career guide is to provide interested students and student professionals (professionals engaged in continuing education) with some basic tools and information that will help them build evidence-based criminal profiling related knowledge and ability within their educational or vocational track. The Career Guide to Criminal Profiling is not a substitute for our online training, but rather an adjunct that will give students an understanding of what Criminal Profiling is, before learning how to apply it.

The Career Guide contains much original content and the CD-ROM version does not require a connection to the Internet. However, it does supplement information by links to resources on the Internet, therefore, we recommend that the Career Guide is utilized while connected to the Internet (we do not provide Internet access). To order, please click on the appropriate option below to be taken to our shopping cart. Please see Contents for more information.

Career Guide
to Criminal Profiling


Online Subscription One Year


Career Guide
to Criminal Profiling


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Career Guide
to Criminal Profiling


Both Online Subscription One Year & CD-ROM
(if purchased at the same time)


Career Guide to Criminal Profiling Contents:


What Defines a Criminal Profiler?

- A Brief History of Criminal Profiling
  • The Search For Origins: Criminologists
  • The Search For Origins: Forensic Scientists
  • The Search For Origins: Behavioral Scientists
  • The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
  • The Modern Criminal Profiling Community


Bio-Sketches: Criminal Profiler Backgrounds

In Their Own Words: Criminal profilers talk about how they got in to profiling

Career Paths

Common Career Paths

- Criminal Investigation

- The Behavioral Sciences

  • Criminology / Sociology
  • Forensic Psychiatry
  • Forensic Psychology

- The Forensic Sciences

College & University Programs

Essential Qualities of the Criminal Profiler

Online Resources

Courses in Criminal Profiling


Professional Organizations

Recommended Reading

Student Checklist

Criminal Profiling, 2nd Edition Preview



Rape Investigation Handbook
Criminal Profiling, 2nd Ed.
Career Guide to Criminal Profiling
Journal of Behavioral Profiling

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