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Announcing the New Student
Referral Program

Many of our students have attended online courses with us and have appreciated their value enough to tell their friends and colleagues about Knowledge Solutions.

We recognize the importance of this continued support, and believe that students should be rewarded for it. We also realize that there are many new courses on the horizon that will be of interest to returning students. As a small measure of our professional appreciation, we'd like to announce The Knowledge Solutions New Student Referral Program for which returning students are now eligible.

How do I refer somebody?
Why a referral program?


If you are a current or past Knowledge Solutions student and you recommend Knowledge Solutions online courses to a friend or colleague, who then registers for and completes an online course, we will give you a credit of $10 towards any future course of your choice!

Each student you refer will earn you a one-time $10 credit, however, future courses taken by that student will not qualify for referral credit. Credits will be held for one year from the time of the referral and can be applied towards any course within that time.

Furthermore, there is no limit to the amount of new students that returning students can refer and a student's existing credits can be combined together for use against the registration fee of one course, or spread out among several courses! (i.e., if you referred 15 people who went on to become Knowledge Solutions students, you would earn $150 to be applied towards a course(s) for yourself.)

Please note: Only returning students are eligible for this program, and only students who have never taken online courses from Knowledge Solutions can be referred. Credits can be applied to future courses only, not courses you are currently enrolled in at the time of the referral. Unused credits cannot be paid in cash, and will expire if unused after one year from the time of the referral.

How do I refer somebody?

To make the referral process as simple as possible, when you refer somebody, ask them to mention your name in the comments section of their registration form. When we have received their course payment, we will automatically credit your account $10 and we will email you to let you know. If you have questions about the New Student Referral Program, please don't hesitate to ask.

This is our way of congratulating you on the sacrifices you've made and the hard work you've done in 1997, and our way to let you know that we look forward to serving you in 1998, and in the years to come. (Program first implemented
December 1997.)

Why a referral program?

We are always looking for better ways to let interested professionals know about our courses, as we feel they offer a great opportunity for learning in the forensic sciences and related fields, that is not offered elsewhere. Many of you are already sending people our way, so why not reward you for spreading the word? If we offer you credit towards future courses, we are giving you a discount on something we already know you value - or you wouldn't recommend it to others!

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