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Criminal Profiling Practicum

The Academy of Behavioral Profiling is pleased to sponsor the following two day training event in conjunction with the Seattle University. College credit is available for SU students.

This is a two (2) day session where students learn theory and practice through the structured examination of case study material. The first day will involve the theory and practice of an holistic approach to crime reconstruction. The second day will involve the theory and practice of crime scene analysis. Each day will culminate in groupwork with actual case material.

This workshop is open to the public, and is strongly recommended for students and professionals who are working or studying in areas related to:

  • Criminology
  • Criminal Investigation
  • Criminal Justice
  • Forensic Nursing
  • Forensic Science
  • Law Enforcement
  • Legal studies
  • Mental Health/ Counseling
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Women's studies
  • Victimology


(Note This practicum follows the ABP's Annual Meeting, also held at Seattle University. See separate registration details here: ABP 12th Annual Meeting)

Seattle University
901 12th Ave

Seattle, WA  9812-1090

Monday, September 19th, 8:30AM - 4:30PM &
Tuesday, September 20th, 2011; 9:00AM - 12:00PM

SU Students:                       $5.00
Non-SU Students:               $35 USD
Non-Student/ Public:           $70 USD


To register for Seattle University Continuing Education and Practicum Credit, Contact:
Kate Reynolds, Administrative Assistant
Seattle University Criminal Justice Department

APB Practicum September 19-20 (1-Credit)
Students must register on SU Online for 1 Credit (at cost of 2011-12 SU credit hour).

Fees include continental breakfast, lunch, and Continuing Ed Hours/Certificate

See also: ABP Meeting, for more information about preceding conference.

Brent E. Turvey, MS

Shawn Mikulay, PhD

Brent Turvey & Shawn Mikulay, Ohio 2010INSTRUCTORS

Brent E. Turvey, MS
Forensic Scientist & Criminal Profiler

Brent E. Turvey holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, with an emphasis on Forensic Psychology, and an additional Bachelor of Science in History. He went on to receive his Masters of Science in Forensic Science after studying at the University of New Haven, in West Haven, Connecticut.

Since graduating in 1996, Brent has consulted with many government agencies, law enforcement agencies, and private attorneys in the United States, Australia, China, Canada, Barbados, Korea and Scotland on a range of rapes, homicides, and serial/ multiple rape/ death cases, as a forensic scientist and criminal profiler. This includes cases under investigation, as well as those going to trial. He has also been court qualified as a forensic expert in the areas of criminal profiling, forensic science, victimology, and crime reconstruction, providing expert examinations and testimony for the last 15 years.

He is the author of Criminal Profiling: An Introduction to Behavioral Evidence Analysis, 1st, 2nd , 3rd, and 4th Ed. (1999, 2002, 2008, 2011); and co-author of Rape Investigation Handbook, 1st and 2nd Ed. (2004, 2011), Crime Reconstruction, 1st and 2nd Ed. (2006, 2011), and Forensic Victimology (2009) - all with Elsevier Science. For a complete list of titles, see

Brent is currently a full partner, Forensic Scientist, Criminal Profiler, and Instructor with Forensic Solutions, LLC, as well as an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Sociology and Justice Studies at Oklahoma City University. He is also the Secretary of the Academy of Behavioral Profiling, as well as a member of their board of directors.


Shawn Mikulay, PhD
Associate Professor of Psychology
Vice President, Academy of Behavioral Profiling

Shawn Mikulay received his BA, MA, and PhD in Psychology, and his MS in Industrial Management from Northern Illinois University. His published research is concentrated in the ara of employee deviance. He is currently an Associate Professor in the Pschology Department at Elgin Community College, and teaches courses in experimental, developmental, social, introductory, and forensic psychology, as well as human sexuality.

He is currently serving as the Vice President of the Academy of Behavioral Profiling. 



Those interested in registering for this workshop may pay by check, money order, Visa, MC, or Discover. If you register for this practicum here, you will not be eligible for 

Check or Money Order
Make all checks or international money orders payable to Forensic Solutions, LLC in US Dollars. Also, provide your name, employment/ student information, and contact information including phone and email so that we can contact you and send updates.

Mail to:
S.U. Seminar c/o
Forensic Solutions, LLC
P.O. Box 2175
Sitka, Alaska  99835

Visa/ MC
Click on the appropriate link below.

Seattle Un. Students:         $5.00 USD REGISTER NOW!

Non-Seattle Un. Students: $35.00 USD


Non-Student/ Public:          $70.00 USD


Web Page:

(Note: This practicum follows the ABP's Annual Meeting, also held at Seattle University. See separate registration details here: ABP 12th Annual Meeting)

Rape Investigation Handbook, 2nd Ed. Crime Reconstruction, 2nd Ed. Forensic Victimology Criminal Profiling, 4th Ed. Journal of Behavioral Profiling

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