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CP202 Syllabus

CP202 Criminal Profiling & Psychopathy

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Lecture 1: Defining Psychopathy

  1. The Definitions

    • Psychopath
    • Sociopath

  2. The Psychopathy Check List, revised

  3. Anti-Social Personality Disorder (DSM-IV)
    v. Psychopathy (DSM-IIIR)

  4. Readings

  5. Questions & review

Lecture 2: Psychopath Victimology 

  1. Relationships with Others

    • Friends/Family
    • Co-workers
    • Spouse/lovers/girlfriends

  2. Impression Management

  3. Empathy

  4. Victim Profiles

  5. Readings

  6. Questions & Review

Lecture 3: The Psychopathic Crime Scene

  1. The Importance of Control

  2. Scene Indicators of Psychopathy

  3. Examples of Psychopathic Crime Scenes

  4. Reading

  5. Questions & Review

Lecture 4: The Psychopathic Offender

  1. Motivations

  2. Egocentricity and Impulsivity

  3. Superficial Veneer of Personality

  4. Psychopath Profiles

  5. Readings

  6. Questions & Review


The following are available through our online Forensic Science Bookstore.


Without Conscience: The Disturbing World of Psychopaths Among Us
by Dr. Robert Hare


Note: The following readings are recommended only. They are not required for the completion of CP202. They will, however, serve the student who wishes to advance their knowledge beyond the scope of this course.

The Hare Psychopathy Checklist,
by Robert D. Hare, Revised Paperback, Published by Multi-Health Systems Publication date: June 1990

The Mask of Sanity,
by Hervey Cleckley, 5th Edition Hardcover, Published 1988

The Psychopathic Mind: Origins, Dynamics, and Treatment,
by J. Reid Meloy, Published by Jason Aronson, Publication date: April 1,1995

The Sociopath,
by J.V. Adams, Paperback, Published by Jackrabbit Books, Publication date: October 1983

Unmasking the Psychopath: Antisocial Personality and Related Syndromes,
by William H. Reid(ed.)

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